Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Preschool Time!

Last Tuesday was Allyn's first day of preschool. I cannot believe she has started school. Everyone says once they start school you will blink and be at their high school graduation. I hope not, but I am sure it is true!
Allyn did great when I dropped her off. I think every parent dreads taking their child to school and having them pitch a fit, but when it did not happen, it made me a little sad.
She loves school! It is fun to get her report at the end of every day to see what they worked on and learned.
So far she has learned:
Humpty Dumpty
Luke 6:30- Share with others!
I love that they do bible memory verses. To hear her say it is so sweet!
Here are pictures from day #1:

She really was excited to go to school we are just going through the not going to smile at the camera phase! Lovely!

"Allyn's Doin' Ballet" ... as she sings it!

We decided our fall activity this year would be ballet. She LOVES it! I am not sure she does anything during the class, but when she gets home she shows us everything she did in class! Two of her good friends are in there, Emily and Genevieve! Too Sweet!!
*Parents are not allowed in the class, so it is hard to get pictures of her actually doing ballet.

Check out the panties coming out under the leotard. Precious!!

Todd's Big 3-0!

I cannot believe I am married to a 30 year old. Seems like I could not possibility be married to such an older guy! We had a fantastic time celebrating his birthday. His best friend Jon Baker was able to score us space at the private club the Warren in Virgina Highlands. It was great! Food was wonderful and the friends that came were fabulous!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

bEaCh tRiP 2009

We did not think we were going to be able to squeeze a beach trip into our hectic schedules this summer, but when Todd's job sent him to Jacksonville for business we could not help but tag along! Jax Beach was not our usual beach hot spot, but sand is sand and we took what we could get! With less than a week's notice we were able to find a condo on the beach... double score! We packed up and headed out Saturday morning and were there by 4ish. The ride down was eventful as you can imagine with two kids and a dog. We only stopped a few times and everyone made it in one piece! Ha!

Todd had to work Sunday evening, all day Monday and then only a half day on Tuesday. After that we had Daddy all to ourselves!

Todd's mom Dianne was able to change her plans and headed down on Monday to join the fun! I kow she had a blast we six straight days with her granddaughters.

The girls LOVED the beach! They could not get enough of it! I guess it truly runs in the family!

I have joked with several friends over the summer when they talk about going on vacation about it being more of a trip rather than a vacation when you have small children, but I can say we had a great VACATION!!

Blueberry Pickin'

Before we headed to the beach we caught up with some good friend to pick blueberries. One of the great things about living out here is there are farms everywhere, so we do not have to drive far to pick some really good home grown stuff!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One For Hollis, One For Moe

The other night Todd had given Hollis some Cheerios while we got dinner together. We kept hearing a sweet chuckle coming the table only to look over and see...

4th of July

This past weekend we loaded up and headed to the lake for the 4th. It was great family fun! My brother invited his girlfriend Noelle. We have met once before, but it was nice to spend more time with her and find out just how sweet she is! My mom bought a new pull behind the boat float... whatever you call it... and Allyn loved it! When we would ride it with her she would say go faster, go faster. The more waves we hit the more she laughed. No Fear, it was Awesome!

We headed out for fireworks on the lake. I tried setting my camera to the fireworks setting, but did not have much success. I saw Kim Lockhart's pictures and mine stink compared to hers! Oh well!

Fun, Food, Fireworks, and Family... does not get much better than that!

Christie Does it again!

As you may know by now, our good friend Christie Carey is a photographer and loves to take pictures of our girls! We needed some new pictures of the girls so Christie agreed to come take some pics. She did an awesome job!

Please check out her website at http://www.3cexpressions.com/

**of course I only posted a few pictures! I could have posted so many more, but decided to not bore you too much!**

We're Pool-o-holics!

Our favorite summer activity...the POOL! We have been at the pool almost everyday! Both Allyn and Hollis love it! Allyn is an absolute fish and has learned how to swim!

It has been so nice to finally meet some of our wonderful neighbors!

First "Official" Haircut

We took Allyn to the newly opened Pigtails and Crewcuts that opened near us. It was time for the professionals to take over hair cutting duty! Mom's bathroom job just was not cutting it anymore!

She did great! I do not think she even knew they were cutting her hair. Between the sucker and tv she was well distracted!

Contrary to the fact that the lady cutting her hair could be on work release from jail, she was so nice and patient! It takes a special person to cut little kids' hair all day!

Father's Day

Todd had a great Father's day being a dad of two! Here are some pictures I tried to take of the girls for Todd's card. It ended up being harder than I thought to get the both of them looking at the camera together, so his card ended up being a montage of blupper shots!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pee-Pee in the Potty!!!!

Check out this video! I am very excited can you tell? More excited than she is!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Playing at Central Park

Finally beautiful has arrived and is here to stay!!

We took full advantage of the fantastic weather this morning by going to the park to play. We invited Genevieve to come with us. The girls had a blast. You can see from their rosy, red cheeks it was HOT!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Medical Woes Continue...

So apparently Hollis is allergic to penicillin!

Take look and you be the judge...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our House

This past weekend I tried to earn my keep a little by helping Todd in the yard. We spread mulch in all our beds and around our trees. We did this in our last house and just love the look of it. Personally, we just think it continues to look fresher longer than pinestraw... but that is just us!

I thought I would show you our house... I think the last picture I posted was before we even moved in. Anyhow, I love when the weather is warm enough for the ferns to be hung on the front porch. Don't know why I love this so much... Just do I guess!!

I also wanted to post some pictures of the bulbs that came up this spring. I have never done bulbs before and feel so good that they actaully came up! I/Todd must have done something right.

And, lastly I posted a picture of a door decoration thing I made today. I need your opinion, is it too big for the door? I like it, but do not know if I should have gone with the smaller basket size!?!? I can always take it back to get the smaller one!!!

P.S. Make sure you read all of my new posts! I have done 10 in the last two days!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

You have a lot of reading to do!

To those of you who have been on me about blogging, I have given you several posts to read!!

To make sure you read them all here is a list of the new postings:
1. Hollis' First Plane Ride
2. Earrings
3. Videos
4. She is growing up too fast
5. She's on the move
6. The Lake
7. A girl after my own heart
8. Easter
9. Ice, Ice Baby

Ice, Ice Baby

She's got more rhythm than her mom already!!

Two things I love about this video:
1. It looks like she is singing along!
2. When you listen to a video from the Masterson family there is usually worship music on in the background... this is what you get at the Fahring house! I wonder if the Lord approves??


We had such a great time for Easter. We were fortunate that our family could all come to our house! I know the girls ate up all the attention!!

A girl after my own heart!

Allyn loves books!
For some real cheap entertain I unleash her in the library.
During our last visit she checked out 18 books!! I had to limit her to this amount! She would have checked out half the children's book section if I would have let her.
Here is a video of her reading her favorite one that she checked out! It is Bernstien Bears, "Bears in the Night"

The lake!!

Every year for spring break we load up and head to the lake. For seven years now my great friend Jessica has been able to come with me! Every year we have a great time and this year was no exception!!

Things were a little hectic at the start and the weather was trying to misbehave, but by the end of the week a good time was had by all!!

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