Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One For Hollis, One For Moe

The other night Todd had given Hollis some Cheerios while we got dinner together. We kept hearing a sweet chuckle coming the table only to look over and see...

4th of July

This past weekend we loaded up and headed to the lake for the 4th. It was great family fun! My brother invited his girlfriend Noelle. We have met once before, but it was nice to spend more time with her and find out just how sweet she is! My mom bought a new pull behind the boat float... whatever you call it... and Allyn loved it! When we would ride it with her she would say go faster, go faster. The more waves we hit the more she laughed. No Fear, it was Awesome!

We headed out for fireworks on the lake. I tried setting my camera to the fireworks setting, but did not have much success. I saw Kim Lockhart's pictures and mine stink compared to hers! Oh well!

Fun, Food, Fireworks, and Family... does not get much better than that!

Christie Does it again!

As you may know by now, our good friend Christie Carey is a photographer and loves to take pictures of our girls! We needed some new pictures of the girls so Christie agreed to come take some pics. She did an awesome job!

Please check out her website at http://www.3cexpressions.com/

**of course I only posted a few pictures! I could have posted so many more, but decided to not bore you too much!**

We're Pool-o-holics!

Our favorite summer activity...the POOL! We have been at the pool almost everyday! Both Allyn and Hollis love it! Allyn is an absolute fish and has learned how to swim!

It has been so nice to finally meet some of our wonderful neighbors!

First "Official" Haircut

We took Allyn to the newly opened Pigtails and Crewcuts that opened near us. It was time for the professionals to take over hair cutting duty! Mom's bathroom job just was not cutting it anymore!

She did great! I do not think she even knew they were cutting her hair. Between the sucker and tv she was well distracted!

Contrary to the fact that the lady cutting her hair could be on work release from jail, she was so nice and patient! It takes a special person to cut little kids' hair all day!

Father's Day

Todd had a great Father's day being a dad of two! Here are some pictures I tried to take of the girls for Todd's card. It ended up being harder than I thought to get the both of them looking at the camera together, so his card ended up being a montage of blupper shots!

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