Sunday, August 2, 2009

bEaCh tRiP 2009

We did not think we were going to be able to squeeze a beach trip into our hectic schedules this summer, but when Todd's job sent him to Jacksonville for business we could not help but tag along! Jax Beach was not our usual beach hot spot, but sand is sand and we took what we could get! With less than a week's notice we were able to find a condo on the beach... double score! We packed up and headed out Saturday morning and were there by 4ish. The ride down was eventful as you can imagine with two kids and a dog. We only stopped a few times and everyone made it in one piece! Ha!

Todd had to work Sunday evening, all day Monday and then only a half day on Tuesday. After that we had Daddy all to ourselves!

Todd's mom Dianne was able to change her plans and headed down on Monday to join the fun! I kow she had a blast we six straight days with her granddaughters.

The girls LOVED the beach! They could not get enough of it! I guess it truly runs in the family!

I have joked with several friends over the summer when they talk about going on vacation about it being more of a trip rather than a vacation when you have small children, but I can say we had a great VACATION!!

Blueberry Pickin'

Before we headed to the beach we caught up with some good friend to pick blueberries. One of the great things about living out here is there are farms everywhere, so we do not have to drive far to pick some really good home grown stuff!

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