Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hollis' First Haircut!

Well we did it! We cut off the rat tail/mullet that Hollis was sporting! We took her to Pigtails and Crewcuts this morning. It was way overdue, but of course I was stalling doing it because I hate cuting off that baby hair. She was not so sure at first but then got better once she got a sucker and animal crackers and watched a movie. Geez... how spoiled!

Hollis has extremely curly hair and I was so scared to cut it myself. I know that cutting curly hair is A LOT different than cutting straight hair so we left it to the professionals and I must say they did an awesome job!

You can see from the pictures just how curly her hair really is. No one ever believes us because it does not look that way normally. I guess they get matted down and go away when she sleeps. The lady told me how to "style" her hair to keep the curls from falling throughout the day! Can you believe I got a lesson on how to style a one and a half year old's hair?!?!?! Did I mentioned spoiled? I guess this is what I get with two girls! Ha!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Snow Day 2010

Snow Day!!!

We had such a great time playing in the first snow of the new year... well maybe the first and only snow of this year!

It was especially fun because Todd was home from work!

It was so cold outside we were only able to stay outside for just a little bit and the roads were so slick we kept falling down!! The girls did not like this!!!

The worst part was we were snowed/iced into our neighborhood until Sunday. That made for a little bit of stir craziness!

Nonetheless, we had a great time will it lasted!!

Christmas 2009

The Christmas season was such an incredible time at our house this year!

Both Allyn and Hollis are at such a wonderful age to understand Christmas and seeing excitement through their eyes is priceless!

This year, we adopted an Elf on the Shelf. Allyn named him Rick. Rick was quite the mischievous elf. Every night getting in to stuff around the house. The girls would wake in the morning with the anticipation of what Rick had done the night before! Too fun!

We were able to spend some time with my dad which I know him and the girls both enjoyed. Then we had our big family gathering at our house the next day. It was fun to have all our family in our house! Kids were every where and the house was a wreak when everybody left, but it was great!

Christmas Eve, we tried to keep some tradition going and went to church at North Metro with Dianne. Then instead of going to her house for dinner she headed up to our house for our traditional steak dinner. We made cupcakes and sang happy birthday to Jesus. Allyn got a kick out of doing this since they really worked hard at instilling this message at church and school. Dianne spent the night Christmas Eve night and was able to celebrate Christmas morning with us. The girls were so excited!!! Around lunch my mom, Mark, Abbi and grandparents stopped by to see what Santa brought.

The big request from Santa was a Disney Princess car which he delivered. The girls LOVE it!!!!! Allyn has really gotten good at steering and driving! Hollis sits as a passenger and waves like a pageant queen to all the cars that drive by! Oh Geez!!!!!

Allyn's 1st Dentist Visit

In October I took Allyn to the dentist for the first time! She did great!
Dentist said her teeth looked great!

My Get-a-way trip to NYC!

For my birthday, Todd allowed me to fly away to New York to visit my best friend Tyler.

A trip to New York was something I have always wanted to do and it was high time for a visit to see my friend!

We had an absolutely blast! The weekend went way too fast!

I cannot wait to go again!


We had an awesome Thanksgiving.

Allyn had a program and feast at school. We practiced and practiced and she was so good at singing the songs and then wouldn't you know when the curtain opened she stood there in silence. Oh well!!

We then headed to the lake for the Thanksgiving weekend! So much fun!!

Halloween 2009

We had a great Halloween season! We kicked it off with a trip to Uncle Shuck's pumpkin patch and then some trick-o-treating with the Holland family!!

Hollis Turns 1

Can you believe our sweet Hollis is one!! (Well actually, she is almost 18 months now... but whatever!)
Here are pictures from her birthday!!

Allyn's 3rd Birthday

Here is our Big Girl turning 3!!!!

For her birthday Todd and I took her to Baby Land General to pick out a real Cabbage Patch Kid. Her baby's name is Mary Allyn. We were able to see a baby be born from Mother Cabbage. It was named after Allyn and the other little girls that were present at the delivery.

Unfortunately, this baby was a little too expensive to adopt, we compromised on another one.
It was awesome! She had such a blast.
We also had a party for her at school with all her school friends!!

It is 'bout time!!!

Time to update! World's Worst Mom Award... handed to me!!!

Here is the table of contents of what needs blogged about:
1. Hollis' first birthday
2. Allyn's 3rd birthday
3. Halloween
4. Thanksgiving
5. Christmas
6. Snow Day

Happy Reading!!
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