Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Preschool Time!

Last Tuesday was Allyn's first day of preschool. I cannot believe she has started school. Everyone says once they start school you will blink and be at their high school graduation. I hope not, but I am sure it is true!
Allyn did great when I dropped her off. I think every parent dreads taking their child to school and having them pitch a fit, but when it did not happen, it made me a little sad.
She loves school! It is fun to get her report at the end of every day to see what they worked on and learned.
So far she has learned:
Humpty Dumpty
Luke 6:30- Share with others!
I love that they do bible memory verses. To hear her say it is so sweet!
Here are pictures from day #1:

She really was excited to go to school we are just going through the not going to smile at the camera phase! Lovely!

"Allyn's Doin' Ballet" ... as she sings it!

We decided our fall activity this year would be ballet. She LOVES it! I am not sure she does anything during the class, but when she gets home she shows us everything she did in class! Two of her good friends are in there, Emily and Genevieve! Too Sweet!!
*Parents are not allowed in the class, so it is hard to get pictures of her actually doing ballet.

Check out the panties coming out under the leotard. Precious!!

Todd's Big 3-0!

I cannot believe I am married to a 30 year old. Seems like I could not possibility be married to such an older guy! We had a fantastic time celebrating his birthday. His best friend Jon Baker was able to score us space at the private club the Warren in Virgina Highlands. It was great! Food was wonderful and the friends that came were fabulous!!!

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