Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mary Hollis is here!!

Mary Hollis entered into our lives Tuesday evening around 5:30pm. She was 6 lbs 15 oz. She is absolutely wonderful! Labor and delivery were relatively smooth. I had the balloon catheter put in Monday and to everyone's surprise, including Dr. Freeman, went into labor shortly after. I had pretty painful contractions all evening Monday and did not sleep at all Monday night. Early in the morning Tuesday I woke up Todd and said it is time to GO!! We arrived at the hospital around 6:30 and were admitted and in a room getting an epidural around 9:30. I was very surprised to find out that I was 5 centimeters dialated before getting drugs. I could not believe I had done that much labor without medicine... very painful! Labor progressed very well throughout the day and a little before 4 pm I was 10 centimeters and at a +2. All we had to wait on was for Dr. Freeman to finish a surgery and some paperwork. He got to our room about 5 and I guess I only pushed for a little bit and then she was born! It was crazy how pain free the delivery was. In between pushes Todd, Dr. Freeman and I were just talking about this and that. So crazy!!!

Big sister Allyn Marie thinks Hollis is wonderful. I am still not sure she understands that Hollis is never leaving because every morning she wakes up and is still shocked to she her here. She hugs her and kisses her constantly and does not like for her to cry. She wants to hold her a lot. It is very sweet. We are hoping it continues... me especially since Todd returns to work soon!

So far Hollis is a great baby. There are definite differences between her and Allyn. Allyn hated to be swaddled and wear hats. The tighter you can swaddle Hollis the better and she sleeps great when she wears a hat. Crazy.
Thank you so much to everyone for their calls and prayers. We are slowly but surely trying to get caught up on our phone calls and e-mails, but as you can understand... sleep comes first!!

Here are some pictures of Hollis and our new family!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Same song different verse!

I went to Dr. Freeman today for my 38 week check up and it appears I am a good oven! Just like with Allyn there has been no change and Dr. Freeman's comment was "Now are you due on Thanksgiving or Christmas?" I was not laughing. He jokingly said that if Mary Hollis is not born by the Tennessee/Georgia game he would induce labor! Haha! That date is October the 11th!!!! He said he likes to tell patients of his it could be any day now, but with me he told me to pray that my water breaks! Anyhow, I go back next Wednesday. I guess we will see if anything is happening then. My guess will be no... I will keep everyone posted!
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