Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Help! I've fallen in a box and I can't get out!

We made it through moving day and we are all still alive!!
So long apartment... hello new house!
We love our new home. Todd and I spent the night here on Friday night, mom had Allyn, and we kept commenting on how quiet it was. It was almost too quiet. On Saturday the movers came and brought all our furniture from storage. So Saturday night was our first night back in our real bed with a headboard and foot board. When we woke up on Sunday we were stiff because we had both slept so hard that we never even moved! It was the best sleep we have had in five months!

We had so many wonderful friends and family that helped us over the weekend there was no way we could have done it without them. We owe everyone big time!

The big surprise over the weekend was that Tyler Helms my dear great friend in the whole world had a day in a half lay over in Atlanta. He was able to come and hang out on Saturday at our house. It was so wonderful to see him. It was a welcomed break. For about 3 hours or so we just laughed and caught up. For just a moment we were all able to take a moving break and just enjoy his company. I hate that we do not see each other very often, but we could be in real trouble if we were able to hang out all the time.

So, now the real fun begins... unpacking! I really do not know how we ended up with this much stuff. I am sure my 4 1/2 month close proximity to Pottery Barn did not help, but I do not remember putting this much stuff in storage. No wonders we were outgrowing our other house!
It has been fun pulling out things we have not seen in a while and finding a new home for everything. Our house is starting to look more like civilized people live here. One box at a time.

Allyn and I are completely home bound for the next week or so just because we have so much unpacking to do. If anyone wants to come up I would love to have you. I promise I will not make you work. I would just appreciate the company!

Thanks to everyone also who has called to check up on us and make sure I have not overdone it. I have been pretty good about trying to take it easy, but you know that is a relative term in my dictionary.

Off to unpack some more!!!
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